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Hi, my name is Sara! I’m a wedding, elopement and destination photographer based in Stockport a large, major town in the south of Manchester, UK. I grew up in the Pyrenees the North of Spain near the French borders. Having the Pyrenees on my front door meant that I spent a lot of time outdoors. Wether it were having a great time going for hikes or adventures, I have always been passionate about the outdoors. My weekends were spent up in the mountains with family and friends: whether it were having a BBQ in a forest, picking the seasonal mushrooms with my father, or splashing the summer heat in the lakes or rivers near my village. My interest in photography started there; being surrounded by nature made me realise how privileged I was to experience it. I wouldn’t be me without where I come from!

I moved to the United Kingdom at the beginning of my teenage years, it was such a big change! The weather was very different: I could no longer step outside everyday without an umbrella! However, little by little I started to adapt and to make new friends. I studied photography in College, I think this opened my eyes to see beauty wherever I go, no matter if I captured an urban portrait, or a landscape in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.
I remember asking my friends to dress up for projects and we’d have an amazing time, then get ice cream afterwards! I enjoyed photography so much, that on the summer I left college I asked a photographer in my village back in Spain if I could help him out as a second shooter. This gave me a taste of life as a wedding photographer. I enjoyed it so much so, that I realised this is what I love to do. I feel so honoured to capture those special moments that last an eternity. I believe that the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams