Joseph + Jesslyn – Bamford Edge engagement session

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Jesslyn and Joseph’s engagement session in the Peak District was epic!! I’m so excited to be sharing it with you here on the blog. Lockdown has felt like an eternity and this session was the first socially distanced session I have done ever since everything started. It felt so good to be back out and with the best company!

On the day I met up with Jesslyn and Joseph outside a local pub in Bamford. On the way to Bamford Edge we started walking up and they told me their story. They had met in university whilst studying and Joseph had just graduated during lockdown. Bamford Edge was a place they liked to hike up during their time in uni, this is why they chose this special setting.
As all sessions have an aspect of adventure in them, we couldn’t find the path, so we took a shortcut. We started ascending up the side of Bamford edge and I am so glad we took a different path. There were flower fields and the most amazing tree!! I cannot emphasise how happy that tree made me 😂

It just had all that you need in a tree. It was so big, lush, round and had the perfect shadows, I saw the photo potential. I never thought seeing a tree could make me that happy.
We started climbing up to get to the edge, finding our own path up. When we got to the top, the golden our was starting to show some amazing hues. We were blown away by the beautiful scene. From the top you can see Ladybower reservoir, snake pass and the golden light, plus the parting clouds made it even the more breathtaking. The day before the weather prediction said that it would be raining, so we changed the session to a different day. On the same day Jesslyn messaged me as the prediction had changed and the weather was looking hopeful. The sky couldn’t have been more perfect! It was an absolute pleasure to capture these two.

I hope you enjoy

Love, Sara

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